Destination Wedding in Tuscany


Why you need us

I take care of the organization of weddings for foreign couples who wish to get married in Italy and precisely among the vineyards and hills of Tuscany, with an eye to the theme of sustainability, if desired.

If you want to work with a natural wedding planner directly on-site, who will advise you on the best solutions and at the same time will be your eyes and ears while you are away, you are in the right place.

Wedding organization in Tuscany: what can I do for you

  • Drafting of the budget plan: we will distribute your budget among the required services.
  • Search for the location: you will be able to see the locations through digital support. I will suggest how to organize the spaces and how to set them up.
  • Search for suppliers based on your tastes and budget: meetings, quotes, contracts, and deadlines.
  • Assistance for legal documents thanks to the collaboration with specialized agencies (getting married in some Italian municipalities is not easy).
  • Event planning: rental furniture, catering selection, photographer and videomaker selection, make-up artist, hairstylist, wedding favors, floral arrangement.
  • Constant updating with the spouses through project management platforms.
  • Support during the wedding day (wedding day timeline) and after the event.
  • Organization of rehearsal dinners or other convivial moments.
  • Assistance of guests from arrival to departure: possibility to organize local and personalized experiences for them, transport, tours, overnight stays, shopping, etc.

Organization and coordination of the wedding day: how it works

  • You write to me and I will send you a questionnaire to get more information. I will ask you what you would like on your wedding day, the things you have already thought about and some information about your guests. Your guests, in fact, are the part on which I work the most: the experience they will live is the fundamental element, the one that, apart from the quality of the food, they will really remember. I will ask you to create a Pinterest board with your inspirations, all the ideas you have collected and suggestions to bring your wedding to life.
  • I will elaborate a budget plan, that is an estimate of the costs divided by suppliers and services, and I will propose how to optimize them.
  • I will draw up a basic quote (please note that if you have also asked me to take care of the set-up, I will not give you an exact price during this phase).
  • We schedule an appointment (on Skype): our first chat is always free and without obligation!
  • At this point I will send you the offer letter, and then we will start working on your event.
  • We set up the project management platform with which you will be constantly updated and where you will find estimates, drafts, inspirations, all documents that can always be consulted, deadlines, payments, etc. We constantly keep in touch through Slack, our personal chat.
  • Finally, we evaluate suppliers based on your needs and your budget.


Tour in Italy and Tuscany

If you are thinking of exploring our Italy and especially Tuscany consult and request here the tours designed by Elena Travel Designer.


We want to get married in Italy, but not in Tuscany: can you help us?

If you want to get married in Italy but another region, I rely on other wedding planners, and I can still help you with the organization.

Do you work with English-speaking staff?

Absolutely yes: I select trained staff who can interact with guests in English.

We want to work with you but we are not interested in a marriage with zero impact: how to do it?

No problem: it is indeed true that I am specialized in organizing sustainable weddings, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to follow this type of path in its entirety. I will give you, if you wish, some input for an eco-friendly wedding where possible, without any obligation.

How much does it cost?

My quotes are tailor-made and always personalized.

What is the timing of the Full Wedding Planning?

Dobbiamo iniziare con almeno 6 mesi di anticipo.

Any other questions? Write me immediately!

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