Sustainable Marriage

A sustainable and low-impact wedding?

I consider marriage one of the happiest days in a couple’s life: at this moment all the love between two people takes shape.

I am also aware your guests will have special attention to you on this day, and this moment can be the right occasion to make people around you more sensitive to this topic.

This is why I propose you to organize your wedding by putting into practice some eco-friendly measures (where possible) to limit the impact on our planet, reducing waste and making ethical and sustainable choices, such as preferring artisanal and local products

Marriage is the ritual that celebrates the birth of a new family and, for that, is one of the many moments in life in which conscious choices can be made for the future of our planet and our children: my marriages are low-impact under every point of view!

My mission, in fact, is to reduce the impact of the wedding industry by preferring local resources present in the area, with an eye also to artisan excellence.

Sustainable for me means working on an overall vision of the event with value and ethics.

Furthermore, in my marriages, I always try to give value to the economic and social impact of what we are achieving. How?

For example, mostly by providing my services in a virtual way to limit unnecessary travel and emissions (don ‘t worry, we will meet to visit the location and talk to suppliers but in a targeted way because it is important to meet in person and live the organization of your marriage actively).

What else could we do?

  • Avoiding food wasting.
  • Choose a catering that uses organic, local and seasonal raw materials.
  • Opt for a location with a low environmental impact or one that adopts some precautions on this front (there are more and more, fortunately), or that uses electricity from renewable sources.
  • Relying on florists who prefer local species and who take care of the correct disposal of floral decorations.
  • We can calculate the CO2 emissions produced by your guests and some activities necessary for the wedding and compensate them with your own “small personal forest” that will contribute to the well-being of the planet.

 As you can see, there are many sustainable approaches within the organization of such an important event. What I would like to emphasize is that I do not force you to follow this method but I believe that everyone can do something, even in a small way, to save our planet and consequently be better.

And not only: for me, a sustainable marriage is also sustainable for the couple, that is, adequate to the avalaible budget. Whatever it is, we will be able to achieve everything you want, with that extra touch! 

A well planned and Naturally organized wedding

In addition to advising you on making your wedding sustainable and ecological, I also take care of the organization
and coordinate it

We will work with easy-to-use digital tools that will simplify the management of the organization, so we can continue one step after another and without losing anything along the way (yes, both of you will always be updated on everything). Here’s how we will work, step by step.

  • First things first, we get to know each other. During our first chat (free and without obligation), if you want to approach the topic, we also evaluate how much we can lower the impact of your wedding and make it sustainable.
  • You tell me what you have in mind, and I prepare the action plan. We evaluate together the suppliers and the wedding style based on your budget and your requests, optimizing the time available and the financial resources.
  • I send you a personalized quote based on your needs and your real budget.
  • We bring your wedding project to life by creating harmony between the floral arrangements, the place where you have decided to get married, the style, your tastes, and your preferences.
  • I prepare the mood board and the overall project on which all the suppliers will work aligned.
  • On the wedding day, I’m the first to arrive and the last to leave. I coordinate and supervisethe team of suppliers checking that everything is perfect just as we have planned it and avoiding unexpected events.

And finally......my gift for you

When everything is over and while you are on your honeymoon, I plant a tree by joining “New Trees”, a local project of the Talea Association in which I believe very much. This gesture allows me to compensate for part of the CO2 emitted during the work done together.


Do you only organize sustainable and eco-friendly weddings?

I prefer weddings of couples who are sensitive to the topic of sustainability. We can still work together if you agree to take advantage of some “green” tricks! Our planet is important to everyone, right?

What can you do?

I can help you find all suppliers (catering, florist, etc.) or just some. If you have already selected them, but you want me to take care of putting things in line, I will reserve the possibility to verify that the chosen suppliers respect some quality standards.

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